5 ways to make your company more green

Green, as defined by the EPA, is “a way of describing how much something contributes to global warming”. Many people have been left wondering whether or not green companies are entirely beneficial to the planet. The answer, you might be surprised to hear, is a resounding yes! Green businesses contribute a plethora of benefits to our environment. If you own a business and want to make it more green, keep reading for 5 simple ways to do so.

1) Reuse materials

One of the easiest ways to run a green company is by reusing materials whenever possible! What does that mean? It basically means that instead of throwing away your trash into dumpsters each night – which fills up landfills at an alarming rate – you should look for ways to reuse the material! One example of this is using old materials and breaking it down into new, usable pieces.

2) Go paperless!

Many companies still use paper on a regular basis. You can help reduce your carbon footprint by going paperless – whether that means sending emails versus snail mails or printing documents out in black and white instead of color. Keep in mind, though: if you do print materials, make sure you go with recycled papers! This way you’ll be saving trees too!

3) Ride bikes to work

One easy way to run a more green company is by making biking to work an option for your employees. Not only will they save money on gas, but many people have stated that riding their bike to work also increased their productivity, making them more productive members of your team.

4) Make sure your employees are healthy!

Another way to run a green company is by encouraging healthy habits among your employees. This could be as simple as providing fruit cups for snacking instead of candy bars or chips, or it could also mean having on-site yoga classes every other Monday morning. Swap out vending machines with healthier alternatives and make sure you have an adequate number of restrooms available so that they don’t have to take up the parking lot every time they need to use the restroom! A happy, healthy workforce means a more productive workforce.

5) Use all-natural cleaning supplies

Finally, one great way to run a green company is by using all-natural cleaning supplies. You don’t necessarily have to go with an eco-friendly option, but you should make sure that the chemicals put into your cleaners are non-toxic. Not only will this benefit your employees (who no longer need to worry about any harmful effects of the cleaning supplies), it’ll also benefit your customers!

Some companies out there might be wondering how exactly they can run a green company with limited resources or time. The most important thing is that you find what works best for you and implement it in your workspace (and living space!) whenever possible. By implementing even one of these changes at a time, you’ll be well on your way to running a more sustainable business!

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