Lead Paint Removal Is Essential for Your Health

For many decades, lead paint has caused a number of health problems. These health concerns last even till this day. Houses which have been built before the 1978 were painted using lead paint. Since most of these houses have been passed down from one generation to the next, lead paint removal has not taken place in most of them. The use of lead paint initially began because it was believed that the lead in these paints led to it having a better appearance, a richer color, more durable and was able to protect the home from moisture. Despite having all these benefits, lead paint is still considered to be quite harmful not only to the health of individuals but to the environment as well. Due to its harmful aspects being greater than its positive ones, lead paint was banned in the 1970’s. All houses which were built before the year 1978 are now required to be lead free before their owners sell the home.

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If you are aware of your house having been painted with lead paint, it is important for you to get your house tested for the presence of lead. A number of testing methods are now available which can help individuals determine if lead is present in their homes or not. Paint kits can be found to conduct this procedure however these may not be as accurate as commercial tests. It is only by getting a commercial test conducted that you will be able to get the results stated officially.

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If your house was initially painted with lead paint but a number of layers have since been painted over it with lead free paint, the chances of the paint being a threat is very unlikely. Lead removal hence may not be required since the additional layers would have helped in reducing the damage. However if the current layer of paint seems to be chipping off, do get lead removal conducted before you go ahead with getting another layer of paint put on your walls. It is important that the removal is conducted carefully and by a professional.

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While paint removal is being conducted, specific kinds of paint strippers need to be made use of. Extreme measures may also need to be taken in order to avoid others nearby and the environment getting affected by the lead. Professionals generally use thick plastic sheets where the paint removal takes place along with surrounding areas. Once the lead removal procedure has been conducted, the room is cleaned completely in order to avoid any residue of paint dust affecting those nearby. Lead removal is absolutely necessary as it poses negative affects which can have severe consequences. If you are unaware of whether your house has been painted with lead paint, get it checked out by a professional to be on the safe side.

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